Peace 🕊 

Yogaphilosophy - Peace, T.Krisgnamacharya in a Bharadvajasana variation

Santosha – contentment (one of the behavioral guidelines towards more inner balance called Niyama) & Daya – openheartedness (one of the behavioral guidelines towards others called Yama)

„The sorrows and pleasure that result from any occurences due to variations of time and place – to accept these with a peaceful, contented mind is s a n t o s h a

„Be it enemy, friend, stranger (an alien or somebody you are unconnected to or indifferent to) or relative, to behave towards all with the same good intentions without differentiation is d a y a.“

SRI KRISHNAMACHARYA, ‚Yogamakaranda‘ or ‚The essence of Yoga‘

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