Ashtanga Yoga: Yamas - Aparigraha

Ashtanga Yoga – Aparigraha or being undemanding

Consumerism, longing for things that we want to call #mine, works at the expense of our tranquility. Whenever we consume too much, we lose our serenity. Let’s take teaching Yoga as an example We want to hold courses, need a nice room, mats, pillows, there is work to do to organize everything around classes. This […]

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In den Flow mit Ashtanga Yoga 🌊😌 🔥

Du fühlst Dich eher steif und suchst mehr Beweglichkeit in Deinem Körper? Oder überflexibel und brauchst Stabilität, willst aber Deine Beweglichkeit auskosten? Du hattest nie was mit Sport am Hut, oder  gerade umgekehrt, Du kommst vom Sport? Für Dich bedeutet Yoga Spiritualität oder umgekehrt du kannst damit (noch) nichts anfangen? Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga paßt für […]

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Time⏳ and Space🚀 in Yoga

yoga is about feeling into the spaciousness of time and into the vastness of space and how these experiences will free mind and soul practice consistently …stay, explore… don’t run away from obstacles, take time to overcome them.. become intimate with body and breath, find out about subtle energies and how to influence them Start […]