Ashtanga Yoga: Yamas - Aparigraha

Ashtanga Yoga: Yamas – Aparigraha or being undemanding

Consumerism, longing for things that we want to call #mine, works at the expense of our tranquility. Whenever we consume too much, we lose our serenity. Let’s take teaching Yoga as an example We want to hold courses, need a nice room, mats, pillows, there is work to do to organize everything around classes. This […]


Meditation and Indian Mythology – SHAKTI

SHAKTI is the devine universal power of energy. She represents the active principle as the energy from which all manifestation arises. In the #tantric cult #brahma, #vishnu and #shiva are seen as the pillars of SHAKTI, the cosmic energy. Body (Brahma), breath (Vishnu) and the mind (Shiva) are perceived as devine aspects in each of […]


Meditation and Indian Mythology – SHIVA

SHIVA 🔥 is the dissolver. His essence is symbolized and worshipped in the ashes of wood. In the #yogasutra the quality of a shiva mind is described as citta vrtti nirodhah, a mental state where feelings and thoughts do neither control nor define us. Tranquillity arises and the immortal core of life in us can […]


Meditation and Indian Mythology – VISHNU

VISHNU 🐍 is the #preserver, the #eternal resting on #ananta, the #serpent. The essence of his power shows itself in the eternal breath and is symbolized as #ananta. When our breath flows smoothly and regularly you are experiencing the power of #harmony represented by the god #vishnu #mythology#yogaroots#yogainspiration#indiayoga#india

Das Konzept Asanas oder wie Asanas wirken

Wie Asanas wirken 🐒🐕🦁🐂🦅🕊🐢🐊🐍🐟

🐍 Immer wenn wir Asanas mit Achtsamkeit und liebevoll ausführen, entstehen vielfältige psychischen Erfahrungen. Diese haben das Potenzial, tiefsitzende Blockaden aufzulösen. Wie nebenbei wird der Körper gesünder, leichter, harmonischer. Im Geist und den Gefühlen gerät alles in Bewegung. Wir sind im Fluß oder auch noch nicht, weil es innere Widerstände gibt oder gefühllos üben. wie […]

How MEDITATION changes your stress response, Yoga für Ihr Unternehmen, entspannendes Yoga

How MEDITATION changes your stress response 🎈

„Meditation helps us to understand our mental habits by giving us the opportunity to observe them from a neutral vantage point.(…) It’s like watching a rainstorm from a warm, dry room. The peace we feel when we are watching our minds rather than identifying with our thoughts is the peace that is at our core. […]

Abhyasa & Vairagya

Abhyasa & Vairagya 🎯🧘🏾‍♀️🎈

The effort to stay with your practice is called abhyasa – keeping up a continuous practice needs discipline 🤪😳😎 Together with openness regarding results which is called #vairagya we enter into a #yogastate of #joy 🌼 As we stay within our own #flow 🌊 we sense what actually is going on and savour the experience […]

Yogaphilosophy - Peace, T.Krisgnamacharya in a Bharadvajasana variation

Peace 🕊 

Santosha – contentment (one of the behavioral guidelines towards more inner balance called Niyama) & Daya – openheartedness (one of the behavioral guidelines towards others called Yama) „The sorrows and pleasure that result from any occurences due to variations of time and place – to accept these with a peaceful, contented mind is s a n […]


Glaub an Dich – Sankalpa 🌱 der Vorsatz im Yoga

Auch wenn Du am Anfang selbst noch nicht so recht an die Kraft Deines Sankalpas glaubst, wird es ganz bestimmt Wurzeln schlagen. 🌱

yoga für Anfängerinnen in Innsbruck

🧚‍♂️ die Flügel von Glückseligkeit ‚Ananda’🧚‍♀️

#moda 🙃🙃🙃 Freude Freude zulassen, Achtsamkeit in Verbindung mit Freude 》》》keine starre Aufmerksamkeit wie ein Wachmann 👨‍✈️ #pramoda 🧜‍♀️👸🏻🤩 Erinnerung an Freude wir sind nicht immer glücklich, darum brauchen wir die Erinnerung an glückliche Momente, da wir uns sonst in traurigen Gefühlen verlieren können #ananda #maya#koshas#yoga#yogaphilosophy#herz#bliss#yoganathalie#tirol#innsbruck#yogaphilosophy#psychologie#holistic#absam#stans#telfes#hall#anandamaya