Santosha hapiness without shadow - Shavasana auf Blöcken

Santosha: Happiness without shadow

tushia …being happy, enjoying sam…entirely While the first limb of the eightfold path (Ashtanga Yoga) called YAMA is about the connection of the individual with the outside world, dealing with others – the second part called NIYAMA is about dealing with oneself. Santosha is one of the aspects of NIYAMA and means enjoyment, joy without […]

Ashtanga Yoga: Yamas - Aparigraha

Ashtanga Yoga – Aparigraha or being undemanding

Consumerism, longing for things that we want to call #mine, works at the expense of our tranquility. Whenever we consume too much, we lose our serenity. Let’s take teaching Yoga as an example We want to hold courses, need a nice room, mats, pillows, there is work to do to organize everything around classes. This […]

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Thoughts on releasing control

‘To release control, the only solution is to find our base of being. This is not withdrawal because this central position allows us to open up. When we open up like this we receive a lot of information. We offer our heart, and if we do not have a base, all this information overwhelms us. […]

Das Konzept Asanas oder wie Asanas wirken

Wie Asanas wirken 🐒🐕🦁🐂🦅🕊🐢🐊🐍🐟

🐍 Immer wenn wir Asanas üben, entstehen vielfältige psychische Erfahrungen. Diese haben das Potenzial tiefsitzende emotionale Blockaden aufzulösen. Und ganz nebenbei wird der Körper gesünder, leichter, harmonischer. Gedanken und Gefühle kommen in Schwingung. Für uns werden innere Widerstände, Nervosität oder gefühlloses, “roboterhaftes” Üben bewußt- und daher wandelbar. Wie nebenbei wird der Körper gesünder, leichter, harmonischer […]

How MEDITATION changes your stress response, Yoga für Ihr Unternehmen, entspannendes Yoga

How MEDITATION changes your stress response 🎈

“Meditation helps us to understand our mental habits by giving us the opportunity to observe them from a neutral vantage point.(…) It’s like watching a rainstorm from a warm, dry room. The peace we feel when we are watching our minds rather than identifying with our thoughts is the peace that is at our core. […]

Glückseligkeit, bliss, yoga für Anfängerinnen in Innsbruck

Glückseligkeit oder “Ananda”🧚‍♀️

Die zwei “Flügel” der Glückseligkeit “moda” & “pramoda” “moda” 🙃🙃🙃 bedeutet Freude, Freude zulassen, Achtsamkeit in Verbindung mit Freude: Wir wollen im Yoga keine starre Aufmerksamkeit, die der eines Wachmanns gleicht 👨‍✈️In den Asanas, in Pranayama oder beim Meditieren lässt sich das gut üben. Wir genießen, sind rezeptiv, nähern uns unserem einem Zustand, wo Geist, […]

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A beginners mind

from the Yogasutra The #mind has so many different kinds of activities 😉😊🙄😏🤔😤😟😭😬🤡🧐🤓🤯, some good and some bad. It is possible to change this mind through #practice (#abhyasa). Which kind of practice is not defined 🤹‍♀️🤾‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️🎻🎸🎤🏇🏊‍♂️⛹️‍♂️ Stick to a practice for a long period of time, practice awake and curious, enjoy the present moment with […]