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How MEDITATION changes your stress response 🎈

„Meditation helps us to understand our mental habits by giving us the opportunity to observe them from a neutral vantage point.(…) It’s like watching a rainstorm from a warm, dry room. The peace we feel when we are watching our minds rather than identifying with our thoughts is the peace that is at our core. […]

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SAMASTHITI,Basic stance - balanced foundation

Basic stance – balanced foundation

Stand hip-width apart and focus your attention on the soles of your feet. While inhalating bring the weight to the balls of the feet (without lifting your heels), while exhaling feel the entire soles of your feet. Enjoy this simple yet subtle movement to the rhythm of breath. Then let your body weight sink into […]

Yogabasics - Śitali - the refreshing pranayama, Atemtherapie innsbruck

Yogabasics – Śitali – the refreshing pranayama 🌊🌊🌊

That is how : Roll your tongue up into a U-shape and move it between your lips, but not further If this is anatomically impossible for you, just form your lips as if you would drink through a straw 😮 inhale and move your head up as if you would drink cool water can you […]

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Yogabasics: Bhrāmari 🐝

humming like a bumblebee 🐝 and feeling the #vibrations resonating in the head and chest is called #bhramari Keep the lower jaw relaxed and bath in the #vibration of your #voice Try different pleasant pitches and bring the fingertips to the chest, allow tensions to melt away benefits of this pranayama 》bhrāmari is useful for […]

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Dimensions of asanapractice – cow pose 🐂 #gomukhasana

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