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Meditation and Indian Mythology – MOUNT MERU or KAILASHA

Discover the roots of yoga MOUNT MERU or KAILASHA and its mystical signification for our yoga practice Mount Meru or Kailasha is an important sacred place for buddhists and hindus alike. The mythical mountain in the Himalayas of western Tibet is the eternal abode of Shiva. And Shiva gave Yoga to mankind. Merudanda describes a […]

Abhyasa & Vairagya

Abhyasa & Vairagya 🎯🧘🏾‍♀️🎈

The effort to stay with your practice is called abhyasa – keeping up a continuous practice needs discipline 🤪😳😎 Together with openness regarding results which is called #vairagya we enter into a #yogastate of #joy 🌼 As we stay within our own #flow 🌊 we sense what actually is going on and savour the experience […]

Camel Pose - Ushtrasana

Benefits of CAMEL POSE

Just as the camel survives the desert by tapping on the reserves of energy in its hump, so humans pass through life by deriving their energy from an inner spiritual source.” Caroline Rosso Cicogna

SAMASTHITI,Basic stance - balanced foundation

Basic stance – balanced foundation

Stand hip-width apart and focus your attention on the soles of your feet. While inhalating bring the weight to the balls of the feet (without lifting your heels), while exhaling feel the entire soles of your feet. Enjoy this simple yet subtle movement to the rhythm of breath. Then let your body weight sink into […]

yoga Einzelunterricht

Gravity in sitting forward bends

“If the pull of #gravity 🌏 is properly achieved (…) by keeping the lowest part of the spine gravitating deeply on the ground, you will discover that the two parts of the #spine 🐍 will gain distance from each other. (…) This will untie 🎈 the upper part of your body.” 🧘‍♀️ #vandascaravelli #janushirshasana#yogapose#asana#vorbeuge#forwardbend #yogaillustration#ashtangayoga#yogaintirol#yogaininssbruck#absam#yoganathalie#tirol#innsbruck […]

der Beckenboden: Kompass in der Yogapraxis

Der Beckenboden: Kompass in der Yogapraxis

Der Beckenboden nimmt im Yoga sowohl anatomisch-funktional, auf Prāṇa-, sowie auf spirituell-esoterischer Ebene eine wichtige Rolle ein. anatomisch-funktional Das Becken ist eine stark bandgeschützte, nicht starre, knöcherne Schale. Seine Stellung bestimmt, wie das Gewicht des Stammes und der Bauchorgane auf den Beckenboden und die Hüften verteilt wird. Der Bewegungsimpuls für die Rumpfaufrichtung entsteht aus dem […]