Time⏳ and Space🚀 in Yoga

yoga in innsbruck, freedom, space, time, energy, infinity, yoga

yoga is about feeling into the spaciousness of time and into the vastness of space and how these experiences will free mind and soul

practice consistently …stay, explore… don’t run away from obstacles, take time to overcome them..

become intimate with body and breath, find out about subtle energies and how to influence them

Start from the gross and get to know the subtle, take time…

find the center of gravity in different yoga poses, let it be fun, let go of results, gain strength and flexibility and meditate on infinity

And get in touch with basic yoga texts, connect to the source, find peace as you surrender into the present moment, enjoy, develop trust

About nathalie andrée

I love exploring yoga, I love being silly, dancing and enjoying nature & culture

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