Ashtanga Yoga – Aparigraha or being undemanding

Ashtanga Yoga: Yamas - Aparigraha

Consumerism, longing for things that we want to call #mine, works at the expense of our tranquility. Whenever we consume too much, we lose our serenity.

Let’s take teaching Yoga as an example

We want to hold courses, need a nice room, mats, pillows, there is work to do to organize everything around classes. This might interfere with our original interest and enthusiasm, feelings of frustration may occur.

Yoga does not leave us alone with these kind of topics. Quite on the contrary they are at the heart of the teachings of yoga philosophy. The philosophy of Yoga is all about living a beautiful, fulfilled life.

The Yamas describe how to deal with the outside world in such a way that one feels calm and serene. One of the five principles of Yama which is one of the eight parts of Ashtanga Yoga is called APARIGRAHA: being undemanding.

Only in a consistent social setting inner peace is possible.

The Yogasutra gives so many opportunities for nurturing reflection. Contrary to what – from a euro-centric perspective – might be misinterpreted as teachings on morality, are actually teachings on peace. The goal of Yoga is being content, relaxed.

Are we practicing Yoga in a way to find – more – inner peace?

APARIGRAHA gives us the opportunity to reflect decisions, our relationships and our practice..

What kind of reduction or renunciation scares me? And why? Whenever you feel dissatisfied, ask yourself of which nature are your demands.

Aparigraha means letting go of attachments, because whenever we become possessive, we in turn get possessed as well.

So what are you holding onto and why? Explore inner tensions that are arising – from the perspective of APARIGRAHA. It will definitely help to clear your mind. Enliven your Yoga practice ON the mat with a sweet shanty feeling, let go of expectations and inner pressure and find ways to explore this theme OFF the mat in your day-to-day life as well.

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