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Yogaphilosophy - Peace, T.Krishnamacharya in a Bharadvajasana variation, Yogamakaranda FREE download

How can we create stable inner peace?

Two aspects of PEACE as they are presented by Sri T. Krishnamacharya in “Yoga Makaranda” or “The Essence of Yoga”

Daya means openheartedness (and is one of the behavioral guidelines towards others which are called Yama)

or in other words necessities to enjoy our relationship with the external world

“Be it enemy, friend, stranger (an alien or somebody you are unconnected to or indifferent to) or relative, to behave towards all with the same good intentions without differentiation is d a y a.”

Santosha means contentment (Santosha is one of the behavioral guidelines towards more inner balance called Niyama)

or in other words keys to a sound and healthy internal world

“The sorrows and pleasures that result from any occurrences due to variations of time and place – to accept these with a peaceful, contented mind is s a n t o s h a

SRI KRISHNAMACHARYA, in “Yogamakaranda” or “The essence of Yoga”

You want to dive deeper?

Those who translated THE YOGAMAKARANDA or YOGA SARAM (The Essence of Yoga) originally written in Kannada by Sri T.Krishnamacharya offered a FREE DOWNLOAD

You will also find some beautiful photographs of Sri T. Krishnamacharya practicing Yoga.

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