Santosha: Happiness without shadow

Santosha hapiness without shadow - Shavasana auf Blöcken

tushia …being happy, enjoying


While the first of the eightfold path called Yama is about the connection of the individual with the outside world,

dealing with others, the second part called Niyama is about dealing with oneself.

Santosha means enjoyment, joy without the need for more

It’s not the feeling of satiety.

and there are no thoughts like – „really nice, but if .. .“

Letting go perfectionism and the habit of searching for flaws, we develop Santosha – happiness without a shadow

There is no quarreling or fighting with what is.

What we experience is abundance.

Santosha is a way of life

Through the power of contentment, happiness becomes our choice.

Meditation and Vedic Chant are nourishing that feeling of deep joy,

the practice of Asana and Pranayama should be grounded in Santosha.

With that innere attitude or bhavana, our every day life will feel nourishing and become a source of joy.

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